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Download ARTHONEETIR HALCHAL (A talk show)
Subject :
State of Economic Journalism in Bangla-Part 1

State of Economic Journalism in Bangla-Part 2


RADIO METRO WAVE'S weekly program ARTHONEETIR HALCHAL focuses on the day to day economic issues of the world and in Bangladesh. It talks about economic systems of free market and those that are not independent due to excessive government controls.

Participants include economists and newspaper editors to businesspersons. Topics include deregulation of the market, trade liberalization, lower taxes, and broad reduction of economic intervention by the State bureaucracy. The program speaks for the economic freedom of the consumer and the producer in a free market where the role of government is restricted to protecting life, liberty and property.

A vigorous debate and discussions challenge the role of the government as well as the freedom of the man unrestrained by any authority such as the State and the government. Today, no political organization is arguing or ideologically rethinking about these issues that only can uplift Bangladesh economy from its present day poverty trap to a prosperous tomorrow.

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